Roborock S6 או Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro

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חבר פעיל מאוד
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Latest version: 01.17.08
Major updates:
1. Support multi-floor map saving and robot knows which floor it is.

New features:
1. Update to new structured slam algorithm to make map more reliable and locating more accurate.
2. Support customized room cleaning sequence.
3. Support no-mop zone.
4. Support 1-3 times cleaning for specific rooms.
5. Support turning off the power button indicator.
6. Support calculating time to top up battery just enough to finish cleaning instead of to 80%
7. Support recalling manually room partition and returning to the original map.

1. Enhance the strategy of map generation and map update to improve map stability.
2. Optimize map interface to improve the visual effect.
3. Optimize room partition strategy to enhance accuracy.
4. Fix an issue some timed cleaning may not display on TIMER list under rare circumstance.
5. Fix some bugs to improve user experience.

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