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Kodi 19 "matrix"

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יש כבר אלפא למי שרוצה לבדוק
הורדה כאן: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/snapshots/
Two weeks ago, the Kodi Foundation released what is intended to be the final build in the Kodi 18 'Leia' branch, with the team now switching its focus to the follow up, Kodi 19 'Matrix'.

At the same time, the team also released the first Alpha version for Matrix, and it comes with a lot of changes and improvements.

Because it’s only an Alpha there are lots more tweaks and enhancements to come, but if you install the build now this is what you’ll find to be new, and it's a lot:


Improved handling of multi-disc CD sets and boxsets
Additional metadata tags
Improved handling of album release dates
New setting to open music fullscreen/visualization window automatically when playback is started
A new, Matrix-inspired music visualization is now available to install -- great care has been put into making this perform well on lower-end systems

Software decoding of the AV1 CODEC

Subtitle opacity can now be changed
New dark grey color for subtitles
Estuary Skin

Redesign of the music fullscreen/visualization window to match other fullscreen windows -- allows fanart and visualizations to be shown without colored overlays
Additional media info flags added to music fullscreen/visualization window info display
The default Playlist view now uses the Widelist view format with options on the sideblade menu as in other areas of the skin
A new 'Now Playing' view added for music playback, showing media details for both any selected song in the playlist and those for any currently playing song

iOS now supports game controllers (Xbox/PlayStation/other supported Bluetooth controllers)
Platform Specifics

Darwin (Apple) platforms:Objective-C code migrated from manual memory management to ARC
iOS:Added showing total/free space
Kodi log can now be shared using native sharing sheet
Kodi GUI is no longer obscured on devices with notch
macOS:Blank Other Displays setting no longer requires app restart
'Toggle fullscreen' now uses default macOS shortcut
Android:Static HDR10 support for all source types (if supported by the device)
Dynamic Dolby Vision HDR support for streaming services (if supported by the device)
Windows:Static HDR10 support for all source types (if supported by the GPU)
Information Providers (scrapers)

New python scrapers for music -- available in repo as Generic Album Scraper and Generic Artist Scraper
New python scrapers for TV & movies - available in repo as The Movie Database Python and The TVDB (new)

PVR reminders
TV and radio channel groups and Estuary home screen widgets
Group manager usability enhancements
Channel manager usability enhancements
Guide window navigation controls
Estuary PVR information dialog enhancements
Setting 'Switch to full screen' now supports channel types
Playlist context menu items for recordings
Dynamic PVR categories for Estuary home screen
Ability to sort channels and EPG by the backend order of channels
Support group specific channel numbering and option to start group number locally from 1
Support for starting EPG entries as live
Support displaying recording sizes and being able to sort by them
New, Live, Finale and Premiere for EPG, recordings and timers
Guide window performance improvements
Search window performance improvements
EPG performance and memory usage optimizations
C++ API for PVR Addon development

Improved information around the security implications of enabling external interfaces
Added default-on switch to require a password for the web interface

Probably the biggest change: with this release, we move to Python 3 for addons.
Kodi will now enforce the origin of installed addons and their dependencies. This has been implemented to prevent third party repositories from overwriting code of unrelated add-ons, which was the cause of numerous error reports in the past.
As noted above, the team has switched from Python 2 to Python 3, so that could mean some add-ons stop working for you, so be warned.
מקור: https://betanews.com/2020/08/10/whats-n ... 19-matrix/

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אני מניח שכמו בקודי 18 גם עבור קודי 19 תהיה בעייה למצוא סקין בעברית שמגוייר כהלכה.

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Re: Kodi 19 "matrix"

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מישהו יכול לעזור לי בהתקנת קודי בעברית בגרסה 19 שיצאה? לא מצליח להתקין כמו שהתקנתי בגרסה הקודמת

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